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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham


Welcome to Reception, and to the Leopard and Tiger Classes!

We have two classes: The Leopard Class and the Tiger Class. The class teacher in Leopard Class is Mrs Arnold with Teaching Assistants Miss Hewitt and Mrs Taylor. The class teacher in Tiger Class is Miss Roberts and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Mason.

Here, we aim to excite and engage children and build an enthusiasm to learn as well as equipping children to build positive attitudes towards school and to those around them. We promote independence through a 'have a go' attitude to all areas of school life. Learning takes place within a stimulating environment both indoors and out. This enables children to learn independently in child initiated play and through focused tasks lead by an adult. Where possible, adults enter children's play facilitating learning on to next steps.

We hope you enjoy your year with us in Reception and look forward to the adventures to come.


Enjoying our climbing frame as we build our strength and gross motor muscles, getting ready to write!
In the farm shop, buying and selling healthy foods. Learning about money and weight as we use our imaginations!

Building our core muscles as we have fun taking part in Balance Ability!
Exploring and investigating! We ask lots of questions and love to find the answers by ‘doing’!