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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham


Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Miss V Nussey Headteacher
Mrs D Thomas Deputy Headteacher
Mrs A Ali-Gobern SENCO
Mrs K Joyce Nursery Teacher
Mrs L Arnold Reception Teacher
Miss L Roberts * Reception Teacher
Mrs C Twells Year 1 Teacher
Miss L Wakefield Year 1 Teacher
Mrs E Warner Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Ewbank Year 2 Teacher
Mrs G Styles Year 2 Teacher
Mr C Bagshaw Year 3 Teacher
Mrs G Connaughton Year 3 Teacher
Miss F Harris-Benjamin Year 4 Teacher
Mrs L Moseley Year 4 Teacher
Miss T Briarwood Year 5 Teacher
Mrs V Nevitt Year 5 Teacher
Mrs A Farrelly Year 6 Teacher
Mrs H Robinson Year 6 Teacher
Mrs H Sandford Year 6 Teacher
Mrs N Paul Resource Base (Panthers)
Ms Alex PPA Cover
Mrs J Hine PPA Cover
Mr Saunders PPA Cover
Mrs L Harrison Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss J Hewitt Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss J Mason Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Taylor Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss D Bailey Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Evans Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Brain * Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs I Nielsen * Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Denny * Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss C Forbes * Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mr C Corbett * Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Miss N Steer Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Nasim * Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Tone Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Murdock * Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Miss N Wilner * Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Lovell * Panthers ASD Lead/Teaching Assistant
Miss L Holmes Panthers Teaching Assistant
Miss S Williams SEN Teaching Assistant
Ms K Green * Pastoral Manager
Ms G Spiers * Pastoral Manager
Mr H Cobbs PE Apprentice
Mr P Merriman Family Support Worker
Mrs L Bains Place2Be School Project Manager
Mrs Z Ramsay School Business Manager
Mrs M Brown * School Office Manager
Mrs S Wallace * School Finance Officer
Mrs S Jordan Administration Assistant
Mr L O'Neill BSS
Mrs L Khan Catering Supervisor
Miss T Duggan Deputy Cook
Miss K Yates Catering Assistant
Miss K Alkubar Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms C Carter* Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Corcoran Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs F Dainty* Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs H Graham Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Jordan* Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Khanom* Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Lokoho Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Morrall Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Peers* Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Roberts* Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr G Rowe* Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs D Taylor* Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Tu* Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs E Wellington* Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Wooler Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Yates* Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms H Yearwood* Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Abdullahi General Assistant
Miss J Day General Assistant
Mrs A Farrell General Assistant
Miss A Jordan General Assistant
Mr A McInnes General Assistant

* = First Aiders