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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Sustainable Schools

At Paget we have worked hard towards becoming more sustainable. Both Nursery and Reception have been growing vegetables and the children have individual gardens to grow flowers.

We run gardening club and will be regenerating three of our raised beds, with Years One and Two working on growing some vegetables.

We have an allotment at Birches Green Allotments. The children have all helped to clear the weeds that have grown over the summer. Our allotment will be used by the children in Years Three to Six. We hope to have a better crop of vegetables this year, as last years harvest was hampered by the dreadful weather.

We encourage the children to recycle paper and we have a worm composter where we hope to produce liquid gold, using scraps from the kitchen.

Pond dipping at Forest School.
Using natural resources to make things.