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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Event - Year 2 go to Blakesley Hall

27 February 2012

As part of 'Proud to be a Brummie' Week children in Class 2 went to Blakesley Hall.

We learned all about the history of the building and the people who lived there over 400 years ago. Their names were Barbara and Aylmer Foliot. We looked in each of the rooms and compared them our own rooms at home.

We also learned lots about the types of toys children played with and even had the chance to play with them ourselves!

At Blakesley Hall.
Exploring the Hall.

We looked at different artefacts.
We enjoyed playing with the old toys.

Dressing up as different characters from the period.
Role play.

More dressing up.
Having a go at the bellows in the kitchen.