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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Event - Maths Day

15 February 2013

On 15th February we had Maths day, it was lots of fun!

We played maths games and then got to design and make games our own. We had to think of ways that the games would challenge our friends and also help them practise their maths.

In the afternoon we went to a workshop held by 'The Happy Puzzle Company'. We worked in teams to do lots of problem solving. We also had a visit from Gerry who made maths magical.

We had a great time even though we did lots of learning.

Reception did some 'Magic Maths' and joined in with Gerry the magician. We learnt that Maths is everwhere!.
Solving problems through play in 1S.

We made our own maths games.
Trying to explain mathematical thinking is tricky.

Year 3 working together to solve problems.
Year 4 playing maths games.

This shape problem has been solved.