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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Event - Red Nose Day

13 March 2015

On Friday 13th March, it was Red Nose Day!

The 13th is unlucky for some, but not for Year 6. In the run-up to Red Nose Day, Year 6 had been busy planning and organising a range of fund-raising activities that were full of fun, to try and raise as much cash as possible for the comic relief charity.

We planned, organised and ran a fayre, staff v pupils penalty shoot out, 'dodge the splodge' (throwing wet sponges at staff!) and, most excitingly, a three-course meal for parents.

The day was a huge success; there was a great buzz and excited atmosphere about the place. Most importantly, we raised lots of cash for comic relief!

What will we do for Sport Relief next year...?

Make your face funny for money! Year r 6 lead Red Nose Day across the school.
Revenge on the staff in 'doge the splodge' raised a lot of money for Comic Relief.

Staff v pupils penalty shoot-out was very popular!
The Fayre ran by Year 6 raised lots of cash!

Year 6 restaurant was very popular and raised lots of money.
Year 6 serving a three-course meal for parents.