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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Event - Year 5 and 6 Visit Walsall Art Gallery

February 2012

On our trip to Walsall Art Gallery we went on a star coach which took us over a motorway.

When we arrived we faced a massive building named Walsall Art Gallery. As we strolled the amazing gallery we saw all the hand panted art on canvases.

After that we met a woman called Ruth, and we learned about how to create landscapes and made 3D perspective boxes in a creative work shop.

Then it was... lunch time!

After lunch we looked at the marvellous painting that lay ahead of us, and we also watched a 3D film. Then we headed back down stairs to grab our coats and bags ready to make our journey back to school.

by Olivia, Sophie and Renee, Year 6

Capturing our thoughts on the art we saw.
Trying to replicate the artwork.

Discussing the artwork together.

We learnt from an expert.
Making our own artwork.

Full concentration is needed to produce your best work!