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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Event - World Book Day

1 March 2013

To celebrate 'World Book Day' we had a whole day, on 1st March, about books and stories.

We were very lucky because two authors came into school; Ed Wicke and Bolaji Akinwale. They held workshops, telling stories and giving us ideas to help us to become better story writers. At the end of the day we got chance to get our books signed by Ed and Bolaji.

Leopard class really enjoyed listening to Bolaji Akiinwale read us tales from his story book. We enjoyed listening to his drumming.
Reception listening to the story 'It's a Bear' and pretended to be in the woods like the character from the story.

1E enjoyed reading their books to their teddies.
Book Day comes alive in 1S.

Year 2.
Bolaji reads to Year 3.

Year 4 listening to Bolaji's stories.
Year 5.