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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Event - Year 6 Beaudesert Residential

18 to 20 June 2014

Year 6 had a fabulous time on their two-day residential at Beaudesert, starting on the 18th June.

They took part in a range of activities including archery, shooting, crate stacking, rock climbing and monkey cross.

They did the school proud with immaculate behaviour whilst using their values, including independence (whilst making their lunch), teamwork (on the crate activity), confidence and perseverance to combat their fears.

A great time was had by the children and staff.

Team building and practising our values.
Who can stay on the longest?

Relaxing around the camp fire after a busy day.
Year 6 together for one last trip.

Practising using a rifle.
Making our own sandwiches.

We really enjoyed the archery.