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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham


Welcome to Paget Nursery!

We aim to provide a friendly, safe and stimulating environment for all our children. We encourage them to be independent and inquisitive learners, so they develop the key skills they need to learn while having lots of fun

We promote positive relationships with parents and carers and feel privileged to support your child on the first part of their school life.

The nursery staff are excited about the year ahead. The staff in Nursery are Mrs Joyce with Teaching Assistant Mrs Harrison.

Our latest booklet for parents can be read below:


Building in the sand together.
Learning through role play.

Using technology to support our learning.
Making things in the mud kitchen.

Using our gross motor and balancing skills to move along the logs - helping us to build our confidence in what we can do.
We enjoy listening walks around school. We practice our emergent writing by recording what we can hear.

Creating pictures using different materials, Help us develop our fine motor skills as we carefully apply the glue to the paper.
We love going to the mud kitchen where we can be as messy as we like as we make mud pies and mud milkshakes. Yum.