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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Paget Panthers

Hello and welcome to Panthers.

Our ASD resource base currently supports children from Years 1 to 6.

At Paget Primary School, we recognise that some children with ASD can find the world confusing which can make all elements of school a challenge. Each child is an individual and it is our aim to equip them with specific strategies and support to promote their inclusion and reduce potential anxieties, so they can have a fun and enjoyable time at school.

Throughout their time in Panthers, we aim to ensure that the children are exposed a range of experiences to ensure that the whole child is developed and that their individual needs are catered for.

Most of the children follow the National Curriculum where appropriate. This is broken down into small steps using a personalised approach. Lessons are planned to address all four key elements their EHCP targets ensuring that lessons are tailored to meet the individual children’s needs. We support language and social skills using a multi-sensory approach including visuals and Makaton, led by the ASD lead.

We have a lot of fun learning in Panthers and we have a strong emphasis on personal development through practical lessons that promote independence and life skills, such as cooking and sport challenges.

The teaching team in Panthers are: Mrs Warner and Mrs Twells (part time teachers), Mrs Lovell (ASD instructor) and Miss Holmes (teaching assistant).

Mrs Lovell runs interventions with all children in school with an ASD diagnoses

We look forward to having an amazing and fun filled year, learning as we go, as part of Panthers.

All places are allocated through SENAR.

Our welcome letter for parents can be read below: