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Paget Primary School, Paget Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham

Year 5

Welcome to fabulous Year 5.

We aim to provide a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment where all children are encouraged to learn through a range of different experiences.

We strive to offer a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum, catering for the needs of all children and their learning needs. We are keen to ensure the continuous development of our curriculum in order to meet the challenges of the changing world and equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to be successful. Through creative and fun learning activities children are well motivated, work hard, achieve and enjoy themselves.

We are very excited about the learning opportunities taking place in Year 5. We will be following on from learning in Year 4 about the Romans to thinking about the Vikings and their impact on Britain including the invasions that occurred and key characters involved. For part of the year we will be focusing on comparing modern and Ancient Greece, where we will study myths and legends. We will also look at Earth and Space over the ages and study some of the key events in history from the space race, as part of this we will be visiting Leicester Space Centre. The modern foreign language we will be studying in Year 5 is French. We will be taking part in a range of sporting activities including; netball, hockey, dance and gymnastics.

Our aim is to ensure children develop their independence and are well prepared for the challenges they face in life and next year during their final year with us.

The teaching team is Miss Nevitt (Class Teacher), Miss Briarwood (Class Teacher) Miss Tone (Teaching Assistant), and Mrs Nasim (Teaching Assistant).

Our latest booklet for parents can be read below:


Solving problems in Maths.
Making Viking jewellery.

Predicting and inferring during English.
Gymnastics in PE.