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Educational Visits and Visitors

At Paget we believe in giving all our children as many opportunities to enhance their learning as we can, our unique ‘Paget Curriculum Guarantee’ allows every child to take part in many different educational visits throughout their time with us​.

Places that we have visited in the past have included: the Birmingham Library, Kingsbury Water Park, Blakesley Hall, Lunt Roman Fort, Leicester Space Centre, Think tank, a theatre, Harry Potter Studios in Watford, Sutton Park and Selly Manor.

In addition, our Year 2 and Year 6 children will go on residential visits: Year 2 visit Woodlands Outdoor Centre for an overnight stay and the Year 6 children spend two nights in a Youth Hostel.

To enhance our curriculum further we regularly invite special visitors into school. Visitors and workshops have included: a Viking visitor, Problem Solving in Maths workshop, Hands On Science workshop and a visit from Birmingham Dogs Home.

Mrs Christine Browne

Year 6 Watersports Day

Mrs Christine Browne

Year 2 sports sleepover

Mrs Christine Browne

Year 2 sleepover

Mrs Christine Browne

Year 2 sleepover breakfast