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Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) and Wellbeing

Wellbeing matters at Paget Primary School. We are very proud of our Whole School Wellbeing approach where wellbeing is all about knowing our students, and the links between their physical, emotional and social health, to create a supportive and welcoming place to learn.  We collaborate with parents and carers to support student health and wellbeing and celebrate and value the diversity of our school community.

We explicitly teach and embed social and emotional skills related to personal safety, resilience, inclusion, decision making and help-seeking through Respectful Relationships and School Wide Positive Behaviour Support. These initiatives also aim to promote positive attitudes, behaviours and equality within our school community.

Our school values of respect, determination, passion, teamwork, honesty, responsibility and self-belief support us to create and maintain a safe and respectful learning environment where we take a whole-school approach to positive behaviour, so that all forms of bullying, aggression and violence can be prevented. We encourage and value up-stander behaviour and we work closely with our pupils to provide them with effective strategies to express their needs and build self-confidence.

Our school’s Wellbeing Leader, Pastoral Manager and Classroom Teachers are able to run programmes to help meet the needs of our students. This allows for a more tailored and holistic approach to student Wellbeing.

Positive engagement at break-times is an important element of pupil’s social and emotional wellbeing at school. We provide opportunities at lunchtime to help support students in the playground and provide a sense of belonging in our school community.

At Paget we are constantly striving to find new and creative ways to promote positive mental health. As part of our Covid-19 response we ensured that all our pupils were welcomed back to school with their wellbeing as our priority.

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Mental Health Awareness Day and Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

Each year, as a school, we acknowledge World Mental Health Awareness Day and then celebrate the Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week in February by taking part in various wellbeing activities.

During this week, for one day, the children wear yellow as a symbol of positive mental health. Children learn that we all have mental health which is just as important as our physical health. Concerns can range from the worries that we all experience as part of everyday life to more serious long-term conditions.

Mental Health First Aiders

Paget Primary School continue to put the mental health of all children and staff as a priority. We have two members of staff trained as Mental Health First Aiders to support all aspects of mental health concerns.

Our Mental Health First Aiders are:

Mrs C Ewbank

Mrs C Ewbank, SEMH/Wellbeing Lead

Miss G Spiers

Miss G Spiers, Pastoral Manager

Trusted Adult

Finding an adult that you can trust

We are constantly looking at ways to improve effective communication between children and adults at school. As a result, we have launched the ‘Trusted Adult’ campaign. This is another route for children to talk to adults regarding any concerns or issues they may have.

Each child has chosen an adult that they feel they could talk to about any worries that they may have. If they feel they need to talk to their ‘Trusted Adult’ then we will ensure that they have time and space to talk to them.

This is another initiative that school have introduced in order to support children with promoting positive mental health and safeguarding concerns.