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Welcome to the Governing Body for Paget Primary School.

The aim of the Governing Body is to work together, with the staff at Paget, to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children and families we serve.

There are nine members of the Governing body who are elected for a term of four years, and is represented by staff, parents, members of the local community and local authority representatives.

The Governors meet regularly to monitor the work of the school, with full Governing Body (FGB) meetings taking place at least once each term. In addition to this, sub-committees including finance, staffing, premises and curriculum, meet regularly throughout the school year.

It is our intention to re-introduce our objectives to:

  • have each non-staff governor adopt a class and regularly come into school to meet with the children, to watch their class assemblies and sometimes lend a helping hand on school trips.
  • for each governor to have responsibility for a specific subject across the school.

These objectives will be re-introduced, once it is safe to do so, making us a little more visible within school.

We continue to focus on the core functions of the governing body, as set out by the National Governance Association (NGA), being:

  1. Ensure clarity of the schools’ vision, ethos, and strategic direction.
  2. Holding the executive leaders to account for educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of Paget whilst ensuring finances are effectively spent.
  4. Ensuring the voices of all stakeholders (including parents) are heard.

We are always keen to hear your views and I hope this page will help you to better understand:

  • what our role is as Governors
  • who we are
  • why we are serving as Governors

Please join us in continuing to support the success of Paget Primary School, the senior leaders, staff and our children.​

Michele Smith
Chair of Governors

Michele Smith

Michele Smith, Chair of Governors

Governing Body Members

NameTitle/ResponsibilityEnd of Term
Michelle SmithChair of Governors, Co-opted Governor24/11/2024
Alison SturgessVice-Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor27/4/2023
Fiona EtheridgeVice-Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor (Safeguarding, Safer Recruitment, CP, Prevent and LAC)27/4/2023
Colin LovellCo-opted Governor (PE and Sports Premium, Finance, Premises, H&S)16/5/2025
Hayley McIlwraithLA Governor21/3/2025
Tina LandersParent Governor (Early Years)10/12/2021
Daksha PatelParent Governor (Equality and Curriculum)20/3/2022
Victoria NusseyHeadteacher-
Joanne DennyStaff Governor (PE and Sports Premium, Finance, Premises, H&S)16/10/2025
SIPSClerk Services-

Governors’ Vision Statement

“To work as a cohesive unit in providing support and challenge to the School so that every child, whatever their background or circumstances, is empowered to reach their full potential allowing them to go out into the world and make it a better place.”