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Our vision for Maths:
At Paget we believe that we are ALL good mathematicians.
We think maths, see maths, talk maths and love maths.

We aim teach our children to become effective and enthusiastic mathematicians. We will do this by:

  • Embedding new learning – The Paget curriculum is designed to revisit units within the year to ensure there are many opportunities to revisit, consolidate and build on prior knowledge. Pupils who are struggling with a new concept are given opportunities to ‘catch-up’ before the unit ends.
  • Following a mastery approach – This involves: whole-class interactive teaching (whilst also offering opportunities to challenge children at their levels); concepts being taught and demonstrated through many variations; links being made to prior learning; depth of understanding; children being able to verbalise their learning; having many opportunities for ‘Talk for Maths’.
  • Encouraging a Growth Mindset – We strive to improve the children’s self-confidence and resilience by: providing an environment where it is ok to make mistakes; ensuring all children are engaged in lessons and contribute regularly; and instilling a belief that we all can succeed in Maths, we just need to be shown a way that suits us.
  • Ensuring the children have good arithmetic understanding – We teach daily arithmetic sessions, further to the Maths lessons, that are fun, fast-paced, build on prior learning but are also repetitive to aid retention.
  • Following a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach – Children use concrete resources and pictorial representations before being exposed to the abstract concept in order to deepen understanding. ‘Toolboxes’ are readily available for the children to use independently within lesson, to support their own learning.
  • Providing links within Maths and with the wider curriculum – where possible and where appropriate, Maths will be linked with topic areas, either within Maths lessons or within other subjects.

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